Version 1.3:


New: This new build is a significant upgrade for EtreFeed. It has the following new features and bug fixes:

Download the new EtreFeed 1.2.1 demo today.

Let EtreFeed surf the web for you. EtreFeed integrates RSS feeds with new user notifications in OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion”. Just add RSS feeds for all of your favourite web sites into EtreFeed and you will be notified whenever a new story is posted. You can double-click the notification to go right to the story, ignore it, or look at it later in EtreFeed.

EtreFeed isn’t like other RSS readers. It is not designed to be yet another application demanding time from you. EtreFeed is designed to save you time. EtreFeed is an RSS reader for people with better things to do.

Not sure about buying?. We have made a fully functional, time limited demonstration version available. Download EtreFeed and try it out for free!

Lost your Safari and Mail feeds after updating to Mountain Lion? Dredge them up again with DredgeFeeds. Then, move those feed into EtreFeed.

Note: If Safari is not sending feeds to EtreFeed, you may need to rebuild your launch services database. To do this, download and run the LSRebuild tool. We appreciate your patience.

A user has reported good success with RCDefaultApp for associating EtreFeed with RSS feeds.