What’s New

EtreNet! Put the internet in your Finder. EtreNet allows you to connect to FTP, FTPS, or SSH/SFTP servers and use them directly with the Finder, Terminal, or your favourite applications - just like any other network drive.

iBookplate! Personalize your ebooks.

MapTricks! Banish Google to the web and open your map URLs with Apple Maps in Mavericks.

EtreZip! Access ZIP files directly from the Finder or your favourite applications. No administrator passwords or kernel extensions required.

Having trouble with your Mac? Find out what is going on with EtreCheck. A new version of EtreCheck is now available. This new version is compatible with Mavericks and includes Time Machine.

A new version of EtreFeed is now available in the Mac App Store. Let EtreFeed surf the web for you. This version has improved performance, full HTML support including images, and many new features. Not sure about buying? Try out the time-limited demo.

New version of PasteFiler is available in the Mac App Store. PasteFiler integrates the clipboard with the Finder. This version has an improved user interface, services available from the Finder's context menu, and a new “share” button available in Mountain Lion. Not sure about buying? Try out the time-limited demo.